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One Decor Prop & Multiple Decor Ideas
We, humans, love to celebrate. We love gatherings, partying, laughs, and attention. All of these meet at a place called an event. But, the celebrations can be frustrating as to conducting an event is tough. The planning and designing take a lot of effort as it is doubtful to get a hit. But, why worry when you have the best event planners around you. Event planners can help you plan and execute beautiful events from big to small.While coming to planning an event, the most significant part is the elements we chose. Event decors and items grab huge attention than you can imagine. That is why one ought to select the details wisely. We, as one of the best event management companies in Hyderabad, have a team that helps us out in these situations. Our team is experienced in designing various events. But, once they were hindered by a question. They had a creative block. They researched, worked, and finally got the answer to their query.Curious to find out the question that made them hustle so much?

Here, it is.Once we were thinking, why should we use the same idea to decorate an element that needs to be placed in the event? For example, an iron ring. Why should it be confined to one particular design? Can it be used for creating various outlooks?

To this question, we finally came up with answers.

Generally, Iron rings that are used as engagement ring decor can also be used for multiple variants like a photo frame, wedding props, Birthday backdrop, special decor element , photo-booth element, minimalist engagement element and many others.

See some of our ideas here- Event Decoration

birthday decor element

1. The birthday Hoopa loop-Birthdays are special and so should be the decoration. You can plan the decor of the ring embellished with beautiful flowers on one half and the numbers of the age on the other. As to telling the birthday person to embrace their previous years of life and many years that are coming further. The prop can be glorified with brightened lights.

wedding prop online

2. For the wedding-We know words matter alot. So, we think decorating the ring with a cute quote in a sassy font helps. Match the balloons around the ring with the theme. The balloons can be selected in soft colours. They also work as supporting elements to the ring, making it more beautiful than before.

event props

3. A classy event-Classy events are peaceful and serene. To get the same royality into the party, simply embellish the ring with balloons of shimmering colours. The shining colours get the party look, and still carry the classiness within them if used right. Many such brilliant ideas were designed by our team. We have always satisfied the client with the results. With immense creativity and inspiration from a few others, we were able to pull out such beautiful ideas.

These event props are up for hire – Event Planner Supplies

We have a manufacturing unit where we manufacture elements that are necessary for decoration.You can read more of such ideas in our blog.

Disclaimer- The ideas were inspired by Pinterest.

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