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Design for cafes /restaurants/ kitchens/offices available.

Thinking of starting a new restaurant or cafe? Container fabrication can be of a great choice. Provided with the best features, modular constructions are new-era spaces for micro to macro businesses, affordable housing, etc. Modular construction is a modern method of construction that is taking over conventional construction methods. Get the best container fabrication interior design service for cafes, restaurants, etc. at FIFTH AVENUE EVENT BAZAAR

We are a container fabrication manufacturing and designing unit with more than 30 projects being executed. We are a team of 20+ people who can help you in fabricating your dream restaurant. We have provided modular constructions (container fabrication) for different clients like Thick shake factory, the fame kitchen, etc. The modular construction is a new form of construction which is easy and timely to build. The container fabrication is also a form of modular construction in which containers are reused to transform as cafes, restaurants, etc. During fabrication, the containers are redesigned into beautiful and comfortable constructions. These containers can be customized according to your needs. The modular restaurants are economical as the money required to remodel the container is much less than the conventional building system. The labour required for redesigning is less and the materials needed for construction are also less. The cost and money are cut to the least percentage which makes this type of construction cost as well as time-effective. This can apply for small to big businesses as it can be flexibly extended or designed according to your choice. This can attract customers as it has a different pattern of ambience and make them feel aesthetic. The parts of construction can be reutilized to the maximum. It is easy to shift the restaurant if you are willing to move to another place. The great misconception about the modular construction is that it cannot hold onto the calamities, whereas, it is equally as durable as the conventional buildings. The container restaurants are the next generation spaces designed to give customers a fresh experience.

When the question is about attracting customers, the design comes into play. The containers can be designed with different patterns, unlike a fixed plan. We have a team of professionals who can provide you with wonderful designs by understanding your ideas and listening to your thoughts. We deliver projects for any size of choice from simple to complex structures. Our team ensures to bring you design which is formulated with creativity. We provide you with a wide variety of choices where you get to choose the best choice for your space. The containers are modified and moulded into eye-catching spaces with alluring designs. You can see the power of design changing every inch of the container into an appealing construction when executed. You can always customize the design to get a new look to your space.

Container fabrication
Container fabrication

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